Today on WHAT’S MY FRAME? I’m chatting with casting director and actor’s advocate, Ramani Leah.  Ramani has been in casting for over a decade. working with casting legends like April Webster, Francine Maisler, and Laray Mayfield; just to name a few. The majority of Ramani’s career has been in television working on shows like House of Cards, Bates Motel, and Criminal Minds.

She considers herself an “actor’s advocate” and most recently started a new business alongside five other casting directors called “The Casting Director’s Cut” which is an actor’s reel editing company that allows you to consult with a casting director about your footage before it’s edited. After watching reels day in and day out, Ramani realized there was a disconnect as to what casting professionals were looking for vs. what was being put out there. Her hope is that The Casting Director’s Cut will be the start of a new industry standard for what demo reels should look like. 

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Hosted by: Laura Linda Bradley

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