Today on What's My Frame's 100th ep!! I'm joined by NY casting director Rikki Gimelstob! I put a lot of thought into what conversation should help us celebrate this milestone and y'all are in for a treat with this ep. Rikki is extremely generous with her insight, experiences and evident love for her work; I'm so proud of how the conversion turned out. Thank you to each and everyone of you for growing with us over the seasons, adding value to this space and being without question the best listens and creative community!!

Rikki is currently casting CHICAGO PD (NBC) and FBI INTERNATIONAL (CBS). She has been a Casting Director at Telsey + Company and Donna Grossman Casting, and has also cast projects with Beke/White Casting, Hirschfeld/Flood Casting and NBCUniversal.

Select casting projects include: KEVIN CAN F*CK HIMSELF (AMC), MERRY KISSCAM (HULU/MARVISTA), HELPSTERS (APPLETV+), THE LAST OG (TBS), Sarah Cooper and Cindy Chupack's Pilot HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT HURTING MEN'S FEELINGS (CBS), NOS4A2 (AMC), and numerous pilots for NBCUniversal, AMC and FOX. She was nominated for an Artios Award for her work on KEVIN CAN F*CK HIMSELF. 

An active member of the Casting Society of America, Rikki serves on the Commercial Committee, which works to unify and empower commercial casting directors across the country. 

In addition, Rikki is an active teaching artist at NYU and AMDA as well as working with private students. I had the joy of working with Rikki one on one and I highly recommend connecting with her! We worked on procedural pacing and character development a space I wanted to gain confidence in. Rikki's help and redirects from start to finish were exactly what I needed.  A proud graduate of the University of Michigan, Rikki is very involved with Cycle For Survival, a charity that raises money for rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Interested in connecting with Rikki and setting up a coaching session please visit her site⁠

Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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