Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by the absolutely lovely and delightful, Anna Rocío Mendoza. 

Anna is an LA native and 1st generation Xicana. Today Anna shares how she was inspired by watching Telenovelas as a child. Her plans to work in TV production with Univision along with the twists and turns that lead her to a career in casting. Anna shares some beautiful stories about the mentors and influential voices in her career like Mary Jo Slater and G. Charles Wright. 

She deserves a gold star for the impressive flowchart she lays out for us in the show demystifying the intricate and often misunderstood casting approval process.


This conversation quickly went from a podcast recording to feeling like having a conversation with a good friend… I'm confident y'all will hear what makes Anna so special as well. Now let's get to the conversation


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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