Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by the incredible, Elizabeth Boykewich.

Elizabeth's resume and acts of service are prolific! From Casting Executive, to Podcaster and Producer, founder of The EB Co & the Thriving Community… Elizabeth's understanding and support of the artists' creative journey is unmatched!

Elizabeth spent two successful decades as the Senior Vice President of Talent & Casting at The Walt Disney Company discovering new stars, identifying where artists were most powerful and giving them “a platform to shine.” Elizabeth shares her invaluable insight into the world of casting through her compassion and intuitive understanding of artists.

In 2013 Elizabeth earned her MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling & Facilitation. This sparked another chapter in her life that as you'll hear has continued to support and empower her creative work. Her work in mindfulness, reiki & meditation formed the foundation for The EB Co. Where Elizabeth shares her purpose in life, inspires transformation and mirrors the magnificence she sees in others. "I believe true service lies in witnessing, guiding and holding space for other people as they move through the various chapters of life."

Now let's get to the conversation!

The EB Co.

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