Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by fellow Virginia native, Miss Mary Page Nance. Mary Page and I just met 2020, though while growing up in the art rich culture of Southern VA our paths nearly crossed countless times while training at VSA or working with the incredible unicorn herself Mia Micheals. You’ll have to excuse the Virginia girls because this episode gets a little Southern, especially when we get on the very important topic of biscuits! But in all seriousness Mary Page shares her journey from Richmond to Broadway, the heartbreaking rejection that comes with chasing your dreams in New York; and catching those rare shooting star opportunities that as actors were all dreaming of! She shares behind the curtain insight into the rehearsal process for Finding Neverland; a role she originated! She also shares the phone call that changed her life and so, so much more! Please join me in welcoming the lovely Mary Page Nance to the show!

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