Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by casting director Jeremy Gordon. Jeremy has been casting both indie and studio projects for over a decade; with projects like CLOAK AND DAGGER, WE’RE THE MILLER, SHOCK AND AWE & WE BOUGHT A ZOO. His desire to find and work with up and coming actors has made Jeremy a stand out in his own right. He’s famously been quoted “Without smart, professional, and talented actors, where would I be as a Casting Director?” Jeremy is an actor’s Casting Director, no question! He loves actors, the rehearsal process and working with actors in pre-reads. He regards actors in the highest light. I don’t know an actor that wouldn’t jump at the chance to work in Jeremy’s room or in one of his projects. Today we chat about the future of casting, what happens after you leave the best audition of your life, the future of casting and how Jeremy’s been staying busying collaborating with his creative community in quarantine!



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Hosted by: Laura Linda Bradley

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