Hi everyone! Welcome back to Season 2 of What’s My Frame? I am so excited for you all to hear what we’ve been working on for this season! We’re continuing to build on our belief that creative education, inspiration and insight should be accessible to ALL! Unlike when we started the show, we’re not only trying to find ways to creatively survive in the rapidly changing world but we’re looking for ways to thrive in our creative community with more honest and in depth conversations.

Today I’m joined by actress and We Make Movies President Aubrey Mozino. Aubrey and I discuss the opportunities and challenges that running a business adjacent to your acting career present. We discuss the wealth of resources We Make Movies offers; from free weekly events, support and guidance navigating insurance and SAG-AFTRA paperwork, to teaching young filmmakers in their Smartphone Studio. WMM is truly blazing their own trail in supporting young creatives in Hollywood 3.0



Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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