Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by Live Director & Associate Director. HOLLY PEARSON. Holly’s resume spans from ANNIE LIVE to COACHELLA ’22 and so much more. I discovered Holly’s impressive live directing skills through a viral TikTok that quickly sent me down a rabbit hole of her work. Growing up in musical theatre,loving any chance to amplify a female voice behind the camera I knew we needed to have Holly on for a conversation!  Today Holly shares affordable resources for anyone interested in learning more about live directing/calling ques. She shares her experience breaking into the boys club and knowing your worth. We also share our advice and experience reaching out to those you respect, and expanding yout creative circle by starting a simple conversation. Holly, like many young directors, is looking for ways to open the door for other young talent and has a firm belief there’s enough room for everyone’s talent! Check out Holly‚Äôs TikTok that started it all! @hollzinhollywood 

Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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