Today I’m joined by the extremely talented and knowledgeable Jack Wallace. Jack grew up in Warwickshire, England in a rich world of accents that ultimately set him on the road to his career. Jack is a dialect coach in Los Angeles; and fun fact he’s married to past WMF guest the uber talented and funny Danielle Pinnock.

Jack clearly has a heart for actors and understands them better than most coaches. His clients rave about his incredible knowledge on the topic as well as creating a comfortable space for actors to play in their new accent without feeling silly. Today Jack gives us a crash course into dialect work, from how to prepare for an audition or project to understanding how everyone has an accent just as unique as their creativity. He shares his love for the work and opens our eyes and ears to the vast dialect repertoire you too can learn!

If you’re interested in working with Jack (which I highly recommend) or studying a new accent with one of his new virtual courses visit: or

Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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