Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by multi-talented cinematographer Luke Miller.

Luke served as director of photography on the final seasons of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin. Luke had the joy of working with the show since its very first episode; starting as the gaffer with the series. Today Luke shares with us some of his favorite moments with the show and creative team. It’s evident how much he enjoyed his time with the project!

Luke and his fellow DP worked to achieve the look of a feature comedy for Grace and Frankie; with these legendary actors, on a television schedule. Combining very natural realistic lighting with portrait-style lighting, Luke was able to ensure that the cast looked as beautiful as possible while the audience was immersed in Grace & Frankie’s world. He also relished the opportunity to work with four legends on a daily basis, and took inspiration from their kindness and generosity to everyone on set.

Approaching filmmaking in general from a holistic point of view, Luke believes that all decisions matter to the final product and need to work together in concert. Working diligently to elevate the project while working closely with directors to create a united team focused on putting the director’s vision on screen. His most notable collaborations have been with Alex Hardcastle, Marta Kauffman, Rebecca Asher, Ken Whittingham, John Hoffman, and Molly McGlynn; and he learned extensively from cinematographers Caleb Deschanel, David Lanzenberg, and Gale Tattersall.

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