Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by casting director LISA ZAMBETTI. Lisa began her creative journey as an actor working on & off Broadway for a number of years. Lisa met casting legend Billy Hopkins who opened her eyes to the wonders of the casting world; and the rest as they say is history! Her insight and personal experience as an actor is evident in how she now works with actors in auditions. 

Lisa has worked with some of the top casting directors including Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee and Suzanne Smith, Lisa moved to Los Angeles where she worked her way up to assistant with such fantastic CDS as LaPadura & Hart, Debra Zane, Bialy/Thomas and Linda Lowy.  Lisa also was a casting coordinator at NBC/Universal where she got to see the network/studio side of the industry.  Lisa landed her first associate job with Susie Farris where she worked on many comedies, before moving on to the world of procedural drama where she was an associate and later head casting director of CBS’ long running hit “Criminal Minds”, as well as co-casting director on the spin-off “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. 

Today Lisa shares with us her extensive insight into the casting process, how things have changed for casting and actors in the new hybrid world pre-production. She also shares her insight into the often misunderstood world of video game casting and what an incredible opportunity and door opening job that can be. For those wanting to learn more from Lisa’s insight you’re in luck! She coaches as well as offers muti-week workshops through her website. If that wasn’t enough, Lisa somehow also finds time to host two podcasts; and for fans of true crime I highly recommend you check them out! She uses her podcast platform to be a victims’ advocate, particularly for children who have suffered abuse. 

Lisa is an active member of the Casting Society of America where she serves as the chair of the Artistic Development Committee. Without further ado let’s get to the conversation!

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**SAG-AFTRA Foundation: The Untold Secrets of Video Game Casting w/Lisa Zambetti

***Killer Casting Podcast

****Real Crime Profile Podcast 

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