Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by Intimacy Coordinator Annie Spong. One of my goals for S2 of the show was to further empower and educate actors regarding their rights and resources on set. Annie worked as a Costume Designer before making the transition to Intimacy Coordinator. Today she shares in depth how she supports artists onset, and helps empower them to feel their most confident and at ease for intimate scenes. Annie is comfortable having conversations with directors and producers on what their vision is. She understands the importance of the look, feel, and tone of each project, and does her part to articulate that vision. She uses her empathy and high-level communication to ensure each individual is made comfortable on what is being asked of them, all while staying true to the goals of the project. Annie prides herself on her calm, comforting, proactive energy that both honors the actors and the vision of the project. It’s easy to hear how much Annie loves both her work and those she works with. Now let’s get to the show!

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