This week on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by SAG-AFTRA National Director and Sr. Counsel from the Professional Representatives Dept, Zino Testa-Macaluso. I am so thankful to both Zino & SAG-AFTRA for making this conversation possible. Actors rarely get to hear directly from our incredible staffers, and I am truly honored to have Zino joining me today! Our union is built not only of Actor’s but business minded creatives like Zino who at the top of their field understand and truly like actors. It’s no secret I am a big believer in our union not just for its protections and resources but because I’ve had the joy of working and getting to know amazing people like Zino.

This episode is designed to illuminate the incredible resources SAG-AFTRA has in place for actors, the protections when it comes to our representation and hopefully inspire more young voices to get involved in union service. Countless actors have experienced either unsafe or unfair conditions with past representation, myself included. I hope if or when you need help you’ll now reach out to our incredible union and staffers and allow them to support you. We truly are stronger together! Now let’s get to the conversation!



Professional Representatives Dept


On-Set Emergency? Call the SAG-AFTRA 24-hour hotline


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