This week on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by Casting Director and Photographer Maya Adrabi! With over ten years experience as a commercial casting director with AHC, one of the busiest offices in town. You would be hard pressed to find someone with more insight and a deeper understanding of the commercial world than Maya. On today’s episode Maya shares a behind the scenes look into the casting world of commercials, how thousands and thousands of submissions on any given job are sorted and selected to the final lucky actors that are given an opportunity to audition. She shares perspective on trends in headshots and the qualities that make them effective. Outside her successful career in casting Maya also has a clear love and passion for photography! The way her two careers feed off one another and enlighten the other is inspiring. Maya takes us through the process of shooting with her and how she works to support actors in feeling their most comfortable, confident and themselves in their shoot! I highly recommend checking out her site and Instagram linked in the show notes; her love for artists and the ability to bring years of experience from both sides of the camera to each shoot is so evident! Now let’s get to the conversation!

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Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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