This week on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by Casting Director Josh Einsohn. Y’all are in for a treat with this conversation! If you’ve been listening for a while you know my goal for What’s My Frame is to create a space for creatives to share, connect and learn. Josh and I were introduced by a mutual friend and I am forever grateful! Josh’s heart for actors is unmatched, episodes like this are what I geek out over sharing the most! Listening to Josh talk about the actors he’s worked with in his 20+ year career will give you that boost of motivation and encouragement we all need from time to time as artists. 

Josh’s resume includes projects like LOVE VICTOR, I’M DYING UP HERE, ONE DAY AT A TIME, THE WEST WING and THIS IS US just to name a few highlights. Josh and The Telsey office were nominated twice for Artios Awards for their work on THIS IS US, CSA’s highest honor. Josh and I go into detail on the exceptional casting of THIS IS US including all of the impeccable generational casting throughout the series. Josh also shares some amazing stories for how LOVE, VICTOR was cast. I’ve always been fascinated listening to casting directors share the process of casting and how sometimes an actor simply walks in the room and brings that character to life off the page. But as you’ll hear it’s still a long road of auditions and tests to ensure everyone believes that actor is the character. So excited for y’all to hear this one, let’s get to the conversation!

Love, Victor the follow-up series to Love, Simon (Hulu). “I was a marriage equality activist, so getting to tell a story about a young, Latinx kid who is struggling with his identity means the world to me. Working on it combined my personal life passions and my professional life goals, and I know how lucky I am to have those two intersect.” – Josh Einsohn


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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