Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by Casting Director Suzanne Yavuz. With credits like NCIS: HAWAI’I, S.W.A.T., CRUEL SUMMER, GOOD SAM; along with her time at 20th Century FOX specializing in tent pole comedies Susanne has extensive insight to share into the world of casting. Today we discuss how a background in communication and a “Say Yes” attitude can lead to a career you love. Like we’ve said before on the show, everything you do in your field is leading you towards your ultimate career. Suzanne’s grace and humor towards the business is refreshing. She shares valuable insight and advice for the procedural space, some straight talk on head shots and the important role they play when accurately representing you so your auditions won’t pass you by. Suzanne also shares one of the most empowering pieces of advice we’ve had on the show regarding auditions; one I guarantee will change your approach to your next audition.


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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