Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by composer Matt Bowen. Matt is an ASCAP award-winning composer based in Los Angeles. A classically trained violinist from the age of three, we have a good laugh about suzuki lessons. He went on to play various instruments in poorly-named rock bands; his sense of  humor made this such a fun episode. Matt ultimately shifted to working behind-the-scenes, writing music for various tv shows while also producing and engineering albums with bands. He soon pivoted to composing full-time; always looking for fresh creative outlets resulted in a number of TV/film opportunities we dive into today. From THE BINGE, THE BOYS and BAD MOMS to name a few. Today Matt takes us on a fascinating behind the scenes explaining how musical worlds are created to fully articulate and shape the viewer’s experience! Now let’s get to the conversion!


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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