Today on What's My Frame? I'm joined by casting associate, Missy Finnell of Donna Belajac Casting. Missy is truly a delight with an unmatched heart for actors; this episode could have easily turned into two or three parts! I've auditioned for Missy & Donna a number of times and always felt so empowered and also connected to the office in the virtual audition world because of the ladies' attention to detail. DBC actually holds office hours to answer questions and support actors through their auditions, something we go into more detail on today. Missy's casting resume includes Mayor Of Kingstown, A Man Called Otto, American Rust and countless others! Another topic Missy and I discuss is the often confusing and sometimes frustrating subject of getting repeatedly called in for a show but not quite booking it. I hope this conversation sheds some light on how this is a positive and not a negative and how casting is truly fighting for actors behind the scenes! Now let's get to the conversation!

Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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