WHAT’S MY FRAME? founder Laura Linda Bradley is an Emmy winning actress and writer. She brings her Southern charm and humor to her work! I’ve always wanted to help others achieve their dreams; and be of service. My career changed when I met my acting mentor; you need good people around you to succeed in this industry. I founded WMF to offer personalized, detail oriented coaching designed to help actors not only book the role; but book the room and increases future auditions!

Laura and the WMF team believe in a very simple motto, do good work, be good people, and stay creative!

Laura has worked as a reader and assistant for the biggest names in casting, bringing an invaluable insight and resource to her WMF clients. Her personal contacts and understanding of each office’s preferences can save you years of research. This is a relationship based business; it goes far beyond “networking”.

Laura additionally gives back through her union service, sitting on numerous National committees for SAG-AFTRA.