Today on what’s my frame? I’m chatting with the exceptionally talented Meredith Markworth-Pollack. Meredith is one of today’s top costume designers. Her artistic and trendsetting eye has helped shape the worlds of CW’s fashion centric DYNASTY; the Southern charm of HART OF DIXIE and the timeless and oh so chic looks of GOSSIP GIRL

Meredith’s aesthetic jumps off the screen with a strong visual impact. The elaborate details of her costumes are possibly most evident in CW’s REIGN. The show centers around Mary Queen of Scots, for 4 seasons Meredith effortlessly blended historical costumes with contemporary elements  designing countless one of a kind Elizabethan costumes for the show. Her work on REIGN earned her, her first Canadian Screen Award for Best Costume Design.

Meredith’s attention to detail and dedication to her work earned her a spot as one of the 10 Hot Costume Designers in New Hollywood by Entertainment Weekly. Meredith has established herself as the go to for the ever-popular trend of influencing contemporary fashion through television. Please join me in welcoming a truly one of a kind creative Meredith Markworth-Pollack!

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