Today on What’s My Frame? I’m joined by casting veteran, Vicki Goggin. Vicki grew up in an all-American TV family, her Father was the Chairman of NYU’s School of Film and Television, an ABC Director of Programming, and an innovator in the educational broadcasting space.

Vicki’s heavy-duty New York theatrical foundation shaped her future career in entertainment. She had the unique opportunity to study with the Stella Adler. When Vicki found her calling in casting her gifts were immediately put to use; her enthusiasm for showing clients extraordinary faces and personalities quickly became her signature.

Comedy and Kids are longtime specialties; advertisers like Best Buy, Uber, Ford, Etsy, Home Depot, Denny’s and BMW grab her magical approachable knack for coaching performances out of real people. In 2020 Vicki has raised the bar for new trends in casting. Today you’ll hear first hand Vicki’s no nonsense approach to casting and how she finds an actor’s best performance in the room!

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Hosted by: Laura Linda Bradley

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