Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by NY casting director Laura Schutzel.

In Laura's nearly 20 years at Tara Rubin Casting she's worked alongside the theatre-makers whose names are atop the marquees that matter. She's participated in thousands of auditions and knows what makes an audition great and what makes an actor memorable.

With an evident and deep love for the arts & supporting young artists Laura shares numerous great stories… But as a kid who grew up in the magical world of theatre this quote really hit home. "When you audition for a play, you are not just auditioning for that one project: you are auditioning for every project the entire team ever does."

She also shares her process for working with actors one on one. Helping demystify the process, shifting the approach to auditioning as an opportunity to do your best work in the allotted time and establish yourself as an actor and creator.

Connect with Laura: or @laura_schutzel on Instagram


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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