Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by casting director Erica A. Hart.

Erica was born and raised in Washington, DC. She graduated from NYU's Tisch where she studied film and television. We dive into her time there, her first experiences casting and the lasting community she found amongst her fellow students.

Erica has been casting for over a decade and as you'll hear in our conversation she loves her work and loves the opportunity to create with fellow artists. She started off in the studio/network space at ABC Primetime Casting and then moved to independent casting. Erica shares stories from casting THAT DAMN MICHAEL CHE (MAX), BUST DOWN (PEACOCK); her Broadway premier CHICKEN and BISCUITS and more.

Erica is an Artios award winner, a CSA Board Member, and all around incredible casting director championing for actors. We had so much fun recording this one! Now let's get to the conversation  

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Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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