Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by writer/producer Hannah Friedman. Hannah's credits include PIXAR, LUCASFILM, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, COMEDY CENTRAL, DISNEY, and more.

Today Hannah shares stories from her eclectic childhood, the relatable rollercoaster of young ambition. From her first book that didn't make the NY Times best sellers list but ultimately did open other doors for her career. She shares her experience coming up as a young writer and how those experiences shaped and influenced her work now as a producer staffing writers.

Hannah in a word is relatable! She shares her unfiltered truth of how she overcomes self doubt and how as a new creative on the team you're working overtime in your head and putting far more effort into "getting it right" than anyone would know from seeing you. This is an excellent episode for our writers and multi-hyphenates.

Now let's get to the conversation!

Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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