Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by Casting Director, Jenn Presser. For anyone that's met Jenn or listened to her podcast Tipsy Casting you know Jenn is a beautiful balance of strength and heart!

I met Jenn several years ago and still remember to this day her kindness and the way she made an effort to get to know me as an actor in the room, my interests, where I studied… it was one of those rare times where you really feel yourself coming into focus. It wasn't a question of if but when could we have Jenn on the show because she is a busy woman!!

As you'll hear today Jenn is truly an inspiration. An excellent example of going where you're celebrated and taking on the challenges that scare you! After working with some of the top casting directors in the US; Jenn founded her own company, Break Away Casting. 

In 2023 she continued to blaze her own trail by relocating to the UK; and expanding her office. I'm sure it's becoming evident that Jenn isn't afraid of hard work, or finding her own way in this business. Break Away Casting is now one of the first offices of it's kind offering productions an expert on both US & UK talent. 

And lastly Jenn shares how her hit podcast, Tipsy Casting with fellow casting director Jessica Sherman came about. Now let's get to this fabulous conversation!



Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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