Today on What's My Frame I'm joined by prolific casting director Kim Miscia of Bowling/Miscia Casting.

To start us off Kim walks us through the many mentors and opportunities that helped shape her career in casting. She also shares some very important stories on those transition periods in a creative career; a good reminder for us all. 

Kim and her partner, Beth Bowling have built one of the most respected and beloved casting offices by NY actors. She shares her advice for virtual and in the room auditions while taking actors off the rook if you will, encouraging them to create and play in their auditions.

Kim's career includes DR. DEATH, BLUE BLOODS, MR. ROBOT, MAD MEN, YOU and GOSSIP GIRL to name only a few. Kim and her team have helped bring to life some of the most  beloved, iconic and memorable characters on TV.

Now let's get to the conversation!


Hosted by Laura Linda Bradley

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